Baskinta Hike- A walk of Spring through Winter in one day

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Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day... May we always remember that our nature is suffering and consequently disrupting the climate in a never-ending vicious cycle of destruction. Let's join efforts to save what's left of it and maybe Earth will still be home to future generations. Trees are the forgotten solution 💚 #reforestation #lebanon #theforgottensolution #nature4climate #nature #climate #earthday #winforearth National Geographic National Geographic MagazineThe... Continue Reading →

A blessed Epiphany from Qannoubine Valley, the Valley of Saints, Bcharre

Listen to it 🙏 I was flying my drone under rain and it just appeared there, today, early morning after a night full of prayers that started with a hike and religious hymns, and of bells ringing and a midnight mass, at Lady of Annoubine monastery, Qannoubine Valley; this specific night that we wait for... Continue Reading →

Sawfar, as captured last week…بالصور-صوفر-الساحرة-الفندق-الكورنيش-الضباب-وقصص-خيالية

Anjar and its historical heritage.زيارة-الى-عنجر-الجميلة-السحر-في-ظلال-التاريخ

Explore what to do in Hermel, Bekaa.في-خبايا-الهرمل-ونهر-العاصي-قصص-كثيرة-جديرة-بالاكتشاف          

Sunsets and Sunrises magnificent skyلوحات-الغروب-والشروق-في-سماء-لبنان-من-أين-أبدأ-ومن-أين-أنتهي    

From Paradise Valley to Hell Valleyكل-أرضنا-جنة-حتى-لو-تضاربت-التسميات-من-وادي-جنة-إلى-وادي-جهنم-صور-وفيديو


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