Hi! I’m Nidal Majdalani

Welcome to my blog, where my passion for hiking, photography, and love for Lebanon come together. My name is Nidal, and I am a seasoned hiker with more than a decade of experience in exploring the beautiful landscapes of Lebanon, beside every phase of its cultural and heritage richness.

My journey started as a personal escape to nature, but soon I realized the importance of sharing my experiences. As a self-funded traveler, I have covered countless rural areas all over Lebanon, capturing breathtaking photos and discovering hidden gems that are rarely explored by tourists. My love for Lebanon and its nature goes beyond words, and my mission since 2016 is to promote ecotourism, reforestation, and the protection of our natural resources.

Being the only woman in Lebanon to have hiked, photographed, and published extensively about the country’s several magnificent phases on prominent websites and magazines, I was and still am determined to use my platform to encourage more people to discover the beauty of Lebanon, hence promoting internal tourism. My mission extends to create a sense of belonging among the Lebanese people and limit immigration.

In addition to my passion for hiking and road trips, I also have profound expertise in creating itineraries that cater to different interests and fitness levels, beside vacation getaways, and every escape that your heart desires.

In parallel to my widely shared tourism articles, I have collaborated with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment to promote rural tourism and support local communities, in addition to the Syndicate of Travel and Tourism last December.

Thank you for visiting my draft blog, and stay tuned to my upcoming website for much more.

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