Collaboration with the Association of Travel and Tourist Agents in Lebanon – ATTAL

Dear readers, I had the honor to collaborate with ATTAL as their Website Consultant in December 2022, “being the mastermind, consultant, and
the project leader of its development from scratch (classification, content, and design)”, as stated in their newsletter dated 31 October 2022, but published in December. It presented the Website’s magnificent launching event which was held in the MEA Head Quarters, and in the presence of a crowd of officials and opinion leaders, Associations and Tourists Syndicates as well as ATTAL’s board and members, the press and the media personalities.

I am also humbled by the thank you note that they shared in return to my efforts and to sponsoring the whole section of Lebanon’s Beauty & Tourism through my copyrighted photography that covers every sector of Lebanon and all of Lebanon, beside many unexposed hidden gems.

Here is the screenshot of the subject section which started with an introduction on Lebanon, my background and mission in Lebanon.

ATTAL’s Newsletter

For ATTAL’s full newsletter related to the website launching event please click here.

The six LB Beauty and Tourism sections

For a quick look, you can find below the screenshots of the six different pages related to Lebanon’s Beauty & Tourism section, shared on ATTAL’s tourism section.

To check them online on

1- Lebanon’s Historical Sites, Heritage & Culture

2- Lebanon’s Adventure & Leisure

3- Lebanon’s Marvelous Nature

4- Lebanon’s Sky Wonders

5- Lebanon’s Golden Hour

6- Lebanon’s Landscapes, Cities, & Villages

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