In support of the national campaign to clean our shores

I can’t think of a better way than joining hands and efforts to make a change! And what if this change is for such a noble CAUSE, Cleaning our Beaches, which were misleadingly promoted last Summer by all prominent international news media and travel websites among the most polluted and dirty. I have formerly travelled to many and conveyed to you how clean they actually were and published an article about one of the cleanest shores as a living example.  However, some are really dirty and need a lending hand!
Now, a great initiative is being crafted by our Ministry of Environment to commence the positive action before the darker one fills in!
Cheers to a cleaner Lebanon and to those who will lend a hand and volunteer to take our beloved country a step ahead 💙🇱🇧💙
Let’s Save the face of our country: Join the National Campaign to Clean Up the Beaches in Lebanon on June 9. Register on

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