The hike up to Hamatoura Monastery

The newly under-construction path leads to this Monastery of Hamatoura, which as you can see is built in a rocky hollow of a high cliff which overlooks Qadisha Valley. It is 84 km from Beirut, in Kousba region, North Lebanon.  Some folklore dates its construction to the eighth century and others to the fourth or... Continue Reading →

Tannourine sunsets

"It is not about the number of days that folded away or the number of sunsets that crossed the way... It's only about how much life was missed from every passing day, missed from being loved and missed from being lived...however, He is not deaf and He is not blind and He always delivers when... Continue Reading →

Sawfar misty beauty

Good morning with yesterday’s capture of Sawfar, a beautiful traditional Lebanese village in Aley district, at an average altitude of 1,300 m from sea level. Approximately 30 km away from Beirut, you will definitely move to another world with the cool atmosphere and beautiful houses decorated with dancing clouds and wandering mist… Stories are still... Continue Reading →

Fresh and organic!

As fresh and organic as it can be ❤ Some areas in our rural villages do not care to harvest the largest and most perfect looking fruits and vegetables. They do not follow the trendy conventional agricultural practices of using chemicals that leave adverse harmful effects on the environment by polluting our soil, rivers, sea... Continue Reading →

From the borders…

From the sacred region that was walked by Jesus Christ, from the land that has witnessed wars of survival and was irrigated by the blood of its citizens, from the mountain up high, in Kfarshouba, and very close to the enemy point (behind me), my heart was pounding and my mind was striking with countless... Continue Reading →

There is always a tomorrow!

As its time comes to an end, it leaves the clear sky and cuts its way through the mist and the clouds, not knowing what's waiting for it out there but trusting that it is not alone and that there is always a tomorrow! Wishing you a blessed evening and a wonderful tomorrow my dear... Continue Reading →

My story with “my” dog!

Do you love dogs? Personally, I had a great experience with a baby dog that we saved from the street and raised for 10 months now. She was so cute, beautiful, patient and extremely loving. I posted a video months ago, on my Instagram account, showing how lovely and hyper she was! How much we... Continue Reading →

رحلتي في أعماق بحر كفرعبيدا ومغاورها الطبيعية

أطلّ عليكم بعد نهار طويل أمضيته في منطقة بشري. نهار شاركتكم بعض لحظاته المثيرة على حساباتي عبر مواقع التواصل الاجتماع والآن، سأعرض بعص الصور والفيديوات التي وثقتها عدستي في شاطىء كفرعبيدا - قضاء البترون. صور أعتقد أنها تحكي عن إرث وطني وبيئي يجب الحفاظ عليه وترويجه سياحيًا. تقع كفرعبيدا على بعد كيلومترين جنوب قضاء البترون،... Continue Reading →

Goood morning 🌞

G🌞🌞D morning from Oyoun Orgoush, an oasis in the middle of nowhere, on the eastern side of Qornet es-Sawda, 25 km away from Bcharre Cedars of God, which is around 113 km from Beirut. Check the beauty of this heavenly place and the fun and lively vibes that are still running on my Instagram live... Continue Reading →

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