Baatara Gorge waterfall, Chatine and Tannourine in White… One of the Most Beautiful travels and adventures!

Given the anxiety that manifests in our day and time across all generations, bearing in mind the alarming statistic provided by the “Information International” such that immigration rates have risen in 2019 alone 42%, one must never forget that turbulent times do no often last, but the loss of a beloved country is certainly eternal. The solution for that notion, however, does not lie in surrender and despair. 

Our homeland is the reign of all homelands, and its land is a land of proven holiness. It is the proud owner of one of the world’s richest historical heritage, and its natural treasures are quite unparalleled, as its nature is charming and seldom found in other nations. 

My love for our homeland remains strong as I hike its mountains and valleys, and I take you along my journeys through my articles and social media platforms to perhaps fortify your relations with our country and persuade you to rather admire its history and natural wealth. I also encourage you to venture into our villages and support the purchase of locally produced goods whilst preserving our nature’s cleanliness and purity, because I firmly believe that our nature is our identity. 

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I had previously shared a photo-based article about Tannourine and Balou Balaa on my blog and Annahar Website, as I wish to reflect on the beauty of the area enveloped in snow after I spent a wonderful weekend in Batroun District – specifically Chatine which is located in Tannourine and known for its traditional beautiful houses.

Tannourine is considered one of the largest villages in Lebanon, as it extends over an area of approximately 90 square kilometers. Chatine and Balou Balaa are located within this area of the Batroun District in North Lebanon Governorate. The district extends across the coast, meeting at both sides of the West Lebanon Mountain Range, where the Muneitra Summit lies reaching an altitude of 2700m, above sea level on an area of approximately 278 square kilometers. It is well-known that it contains one of the most beautiful reserves in Lebanon, the Tannourine Cedar Forest Nature Reserve. Roaming around it granted me a myriad of unmatched picturesque views, and what drew my attention was the presence of recycled waste containers across the area, hence raising awareness regarding the importance of recycling for the environment. Below are some snapshots from last week for you to enjoy. I also would like to draw your attention to some works on the road ahead for your own caution and safety. 

Going back to Chatine, it is about 98km from Beirut and is at 1450m above sea level. I had reached it from Batroun after Bijdarfil and Wata el Houb; another road is through Jbeil, Ehmej, and Laqlouq. 

This magnificent village consists of several historic churches, and the ancient houses cannot help but admire their beauty. 

Like most villages, the land of Chatine is cultivated entirely, and apple trees are the most abundant. Here, I added a few shots from a trail that I hiked back in Spring and I would like to point out that the area attracts cycling enthusiasts as well!

It is quite necessary to pass Baatara Gorge Waterfall (Balou Balaa), but some may find it difficult to go down due to heavy snow. It is known to be one of the most important domestic and international destinations, and on the list of known explorers and adventure seekers, given that it is one of the most ancient landmarks that took millions of years’ worth of refinement to mold in its current manner. It is also known as the Pithole of the Three Bridges, with the waters of Laqlouq, Balaa, and Upper Tannourine flowing into it to form a gorgeous waterfall that is perceived as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, as mentioned in “The Guardian” lately.  The waterfall penetrates the natural rocky bridges at a depth of 255m!

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