We do not choose our life but we can choose to defy its struggles! 2019 you were a swirling storm! 2020 be fair!

By Nidal Majdalani – Travelling Lebanon

We do not choose our life but we can choose to defy its swallowing storms and stand still amidst its rage!

Throughout this year, many blessings came my way, from collaborations with ministries, presidential palace events invitations, appreciation and stamps by Prime Minister and Ministry of tourism on my publications, sharing the first online photo-based touristic reference for Lebanon, which was hiked, traveled and captured by me, besides hundreds of new places that were hiked and traveled too and will be shared when my time permits. Many more accomplishments ornamented my troubled year and more beautiful souls joined my journey in the world of IG and social media.

If I want to reflect back on this year, it won’t be anything less than this picture, with that outrageous storm that was swirling me in every possible way, down to every pit of struggle and melancholy!

Overwhelmed by countless difficulties, drifted away from life by indescribable traumas, weighed down by tremendous responsibilities, I found no escape but through you my Lord and through Nature that you painted and planted across our magnificent Lebanon!

The more life was wearing me down, the more I escaped to our lands and valleys where love is felt and peace is attained.

Every flowing river I met carried away my sadness and every dripping dew I witnessed dried away my dripping tears.

Every sunrise shined up my state of mind and every mighty sunset swiped away my anguish.

Every soft breeze softened my pain and every strong wind refrained my collapse.

Every rustling of trees deafened my soul’s screams and every bird’s chirp resonated in my whole being.

Every massive wave proved to me that no hardship is doomed to stay no matter how devastating it can be.

Every raging storm is doomed to subside no matter how destructive it can be.

Looking back at my photo, I can’t but glorify His name for the glimpse of hope at the end of the horizon that He always reveals for those who believe.

Looking back at this year, I can’t but bow down to His mercy and presence in every hazardous moment.

I have felt love, I have felt kindness and tenderness, I have been touched in a thousand ways and at my utmost downs, you always were able to uplift my shattered soul. You, my IG friends, always drew a smile on my face even in the worst of times. You, the people who I don’t know personally, are the ones who I know tremendously, and are the ones who I thank deeply for being here!

Much love and appreciation to each and every one of you and may the Lord shower you with blessings in 2020.

Cheers to you my dearest and cheers to my precious family and friends and to a better life in 2020 ♥️ 🥂

Sharing with you my best nine photos on my Instagram account as stated by the website and stay tuned for more soon.



All rights reserved for Nidal Majdalani

copyright Travelling Lebanon Blog owned by Nidal Majdalani 31/12/2019

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