My story with “my” dog!

Do you love dogs?

Personally, I had a great experience with a baby dog that we saved from the street and raised for 10 months now. She was so cute, beautiful, patient and extremely loving.

I posted a video months ago, on my Instagram account, showing how lovely and hyper she was! How much we tend to be unfair to such genuine creatures as we get busy with our lives and forget them at home, especially when it comes to the large sized, active ones.

Sometimes, we have to take decisions that we don’t want but we do it in the name of love and for the sake of others; after searching for long, we found a loving family that was able to offer a home to my dog, a home with a garden to enjoy!

We were all in tears as she left last Saturday but we stayed connected to the new parents. The first four days she rarely ate but they were kind enough to make her love them…

With tears I am dedicating this post to her, may we all be just to our pets and even more to the animals left unsheltered in the streets, hoping to find a solution for them.

I will share “my” dog’s beauty in a story and I wish you a pleasant evening my dears ❤️

Tomorrow is a new day, stay tuned to my hiking trip 💚

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