Goood morning 🌞

G🌞🌞D morning from Oyoun Orgoush, an oasis in the middle of nowhere, on the eastern side of Qornet es-Sawda, 25 km away from Bcharre Cedars of God, which is around 113 km from Beirut.

Check the beauty of this heavenly place and the fun and lively vibes that are still running on my Instagram live story.

Isn’t it the perfect getaway for your next weekend. You can see for yourself with the stories that I will add on Instagram and the article that I will share soon. 🇱🇧

On a second note, Do you like the reflection in this traditional jug of water? Let’s move away from #plastic and its pollution and encourage this local rural manufactured products. Besides, you can go creative with it 😍

Wishing you a bright day my dears and I will be catching up today with your comments and messages 💙💛💙

#iamlebanese ❤️

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